Hi, I’m Lauren…

…The founder of POGO Footwear.

I chose to study for a BA in Footwear Design and a Masters in Design Innovation at DeMontfort University, Leicester. It was there that I learned the time-honoured tradition of hand making fine leather shoes. I fell in love with working leather, and it was in this area that I chose to concentrate, upon my degree’s completion. Thus, POGO was born!

Where it began…

During my studies I became aware of a shortage in quality handmade footwear available to women, so I set out to change that.

It was rare, if ever, that a company would celebrate the origins of their products and their ethical standpoint. However, things are changing, conscious customers want to see a transparent production process, allowing them to shop sustainably with confidence.

POGO Footwear aims to achieve this by sharing each part of the process with you!

A Lifelong Passion…

The company is named after my horse; Pogo, so named for his springy pogo-stick legs and bouncy personality.

I have ridden and trained horses my whole life and it’s a passion (almost!) equal to my love of fashion.

Needing, durable, quality equipment for the equestrian aspect of my life awakened an interest in design and production which has eventually led me to where I am now, creating my own range of shoes by hand! 

Overseeing the entire process gives me a chance to ensure I’m putting the very best into my shoes and getting an exceptional finish from each pair, not to mention imbuing them with a little of my personality along the way!

I first started experimenting with making footwear in 2013 and have been falling more in love with the process every day since. Even now, 7 years later, creating a beautiful pair of shoes from a flat piece of leather is still a magical experience for me. 

So if you fancy a bit of magic in your life, let me make it for you!