about our shoes

Pogo endeavours to source end-of-line leathers to supplement the individuality of each pair: suede, patent, patterned and metallic, just because they’re handmade doesn’t mean they can’t be fun!

Quality leather is integral to our mission and is used at every step from lining to upper to sole. Surplus leather abounds in the fashion world.  End-of-line, blemished and sample skins are usually discarded, but what a waste!

There are dazzling hidden gems to be discovered and our aim is to give these beautiful skins new life as handcrafted shoes.

100% Unique Footwear

Having limited numbers available from each skin makes every pair of POGOs totally unique.

From the workshop floor to your front door, each element is overseen by Lauren to ensure that the exceptional standards she set out to achieve are being met.

A sustainable approach

POGO sets out to give customers the option to re-engage with their shoes origins. Not so long ago it was relatively easy to find quality hand made leather shoes at an affordable price.

The onslaught of “fast fashion” created a harsh environment for traditional shoemakers, thankfully the internet has provided a novel platform for independent craftsmen to flourish, bridging the gap between quality and affordability.

The Production Process

At its inception, each shoe starts out as a flat piece of high quality leather. Hand cut upper and lining pattern pieces are strategically positioned upon this to make the most of the skin and its colouring.


These pieces are individually cut, the linings done in the softest suede, for ultimate comfort. The front tabs are cut from the highest quality vegetable tanned leather and stamped with the POGO name, one letter at a time, and hand stitched into place.


The uppers and lining are then secured together, firstly with glue then stitched for extra security. An insole with foam covering for comfort is then tacked into place on the corresponding last. A last is the solid form a shoe is moulded around, POGOs last are made by the UKs only remaining producer, Springline ltd.  Northampton.


It is now time for the shoe to take more shape, by stretching the leather around the last and securing it to the insole. Between the uppers and linings stiffening material is added at the heel and toe, this will ensure the shoes maintain their shape when the last is removed.


Once the uppers are fixed into place the vegetable tanned leather soles are sanded, stamped, and polished, before being attached by hand to create the spectacular finish that POGO customers have come to associate with our products.


Each shoe then spends several hours in the sole press to ensure the sole is fully moulded to the uppers. Upon the removal of the last a suede insole sock is inserted before the final check is done.


There are only two machines used in the entire process, a sewing machine and a sanding machine! Every other part of the construction of our shoes is done totally by hand.


To make a pair of shoes in this way, to our standards, is a time consuming and laborious task. It can take several weeks to complete a pair in when we are busy, as each stage requires considerable effort and attention.


Quality can not be rushed! We therefore hope our customers understand the time they may have to wait for a made to order pair, especially if we have several orders on the bench already.